Embracing the Rise of Orange: A Vibrant Journey Ahead

Orange has long been overlooked as a color option in interior design. It was often associated with outdated 70s décor or Halloween decorations. However, in recent years, orange has been making a major comeback in the world of interior design. From subtle peach tones to bold burnt oranges, this vibrant hue is becoming increasingly popular for adding warmth, energy, and personality to a space. If you’re looking to incorporate this lively color into your home, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to embrace the rise of orange and transform your space into a vibrant and welcoming oasis.

The Psychology of Orange

Before delving into the design aspects of using orange in interior décor, it’s important to understand the psychological effects of this color. Orange is the color of creativity, enthusiasm, and happiness. It combines the energy of red and the joy of yellow, making it a warm and inviting hue that can create a sense of comfort and coziness in a room. Additionally, orange is known to stimulate socialization and communication, making it an ideal choice for spaces where people gather, such as living rooms or dining areas.

Choosing the Right Shade of Orange

When it comes to incorporating orange into your home, the shade you choose can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the space. Here are some popular shades of orange and how you can use them effectively:


  • Soft and soothing, peach is a versatile shade of orange that can add a touch of warmth to any room.
  • Use peach in bedrooms or living rooms to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Pair peach with soft blues or greens for a serene and harmonious color scheme.

Burnt Orange

  • Rich and earthy, burnt orange is a bold choice that adds depth and sophistication to a space.
  • Incorporate burnt orange in accent pieces such as throw pillows, rugs, or curtains for a pop of color.
  • Pair burnt orange with neutral colors like white, gray, or beige to balance out its intensity.


  • Vibrant and energetic, tangerine is a lively shade of orange that can bring a sense of fun and playfulness to a room.
  • Use tangerine in kitchens or home offices to create a stimulating and creative environment.
  • Pair tangerine with bold patterns or metallic accents for a modern and eclectic look.

Incorporating Orange Into Your Décor

There are numerous ways to incorporate orange into your home, whether you want to make a bold statement or add subtle hints of this vibrant color. Here are some ideas to help you infuse orange into your décor:


  • Opt for a statement piece of furniture, such as a bold orange sofa or armchair, to anchor the room and create a focal point.
  • If you prefer a more subtle approach, consider adding orange accent chairs or ottomans for a pop of color.


  • Paint an accent wall in a warm orange hue to add depth and dimension to a room without overwhelming the space.
  • If painting an entire wall orange feels too bold, consider orange wallpaper with a subtle pattern for a more understated look.


  • Incorporate orange throw pillows, blankets, or rugs to add warmth and coziness to a room.
  • Display artwork or sculptures in shades of orange to create visual interest and tie the color scheme together.


  • Add orange-hued plants such as marigolds, begonias, or kalanchoes to bring a natural touch of orange into your space.
  • Place orange pots or planters to complement the greenery and create a cohesive look.

Pairing Orange With Other Colors

While orange can make a bold statement on its own, it also pairs well with a variety of other colors to create a cohesive and balanced look. Here are some color combinations that work beautifully with orange:


  • Pairing orange with blue creates a striking contrast that is both energetic and calming.
  • Navy blue adds a sense of sophistication, while turquoise or teal can create a more playful and vibrant look.


  • Combining orange with green evokes a natural and earthy feel that is both refreshing and harmonious.
  • Use olive or sage green for a muted and organic look, or lime green for a more modern and energetic vibe.


  • Orange and pink create a cheerful and feminine color scheme that is perfect for brightening up a room.
  • Pair coral or salmon pink with tangerine for a warm and inviting look, or blush pink with peach for a soft and romantic feel.


  • Orange also pairs well with neutral colors such as white, gray, or beige to create a balanced and timeless look.
  • Use neutral tones as a backdrop and add pops of orange with accents and accessories for a chic and modern aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use orange in a small space?

Yes, you can use orange in a small space. Opt for light shades of orange like peach or apricot to make the room feel more spacious and airy.

2. How do I prevent orange from overwhelming my décor?

To prevent orange from overpowering your décor, use it as an accent color rather than the main focus. Incorporate orange through accessories, artwork, or small furniture pieces.

3. Is orange a good color for a bedroom?

Orange can be a good color for a bedroom as it is known to promote creativity and enthusiasm. However, consider using soft shades of orange and balance it with neutral colors for a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

4. How can I incorporate orange into a minimalist design?

In a minimalist design, use orange sparingly to add a pop of color and visual interest. Opt for sleek and simple orange accents such as throw pillows, vases, or artwork.

5. What lighting works best with orange?

Natural light works best with orange as it enhances the warmth and vibrancy of the color. Incorporate warm white or soft yellow lighting to complement the orange hues in your space.

Embracing the rise of orange in interior design opens up a world of creative possibilities for adding warmth, energy, and personality to your home. Whether you opt for soft peach tones, bold burnt oranges, or vibrant tangerines, incorporating this lively color into your décor can transform your space into a vibrant and welcoming oasis. With the right shade selection, pairing strategies, and design elements, you can confidently embrace the vibrancy of orange and create a home that reflects your unique style and personality.

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