From Around the Web: 20 Fabulous Infographics About trading card protective cases


With the economy tanking, I think card cases, especially those that make it easy to take cards out of the case and safely store them, are an investment in the future. I know I would never buy something made without these, and I might buy a new one or two at a time, but I won’t buy cards without them.

There are some cards that are so great that they have a special design that makes them the perfect case. For example, the cards that were designed for cards of the Japanese “Sengoku” period (the era of the Ainu and the Edo period of Japan) are so durable that they can be used over and over again.

This is because cards that have a special design and use special materials (like wood, plastic, rubber, etc.) are much more likely to last than cards that just use a generic design. I think that’s why they are so popular, so the cards in a deck can keep on looking good for years.

In the old days cards would be made of paper with a picture of the card on the front and a pattern on the back, and the cards would be made up of individual cards that were sold in packs. Nowadays a deck of cards would have a special pattern on the back. The pattern is either printed or carved and then painted on the back, so they are not as durable. In the old days, the cards would be much cheaper but still quite costly to make.

Yes, but in the old days the cards would be more expensive and, therefore, less durable, and it wasn’t as common to make them. Nowadays the cards are made of plastic so they are much more durable. Cards are now usually made of a very thin plastic and made to be a little less flexible in comparison to the past.

There are a couple of methods to protect cards, one is to simply cover them with plastic or tape. Another method is to make a fabric/mesh case. These are less expensive, but I guess they would be less durable.

Cards are often made of plastic because it makes them cheaper to manufacture and they are often cheaper to repair too. However, plastic cards are more vulnerable to damage than cards made of fabricmesh, and that weakness is the reason why I think plastic cards are more durable than those made of fabricmesh.

The problem with a fabricmesh case is that it is made of paper. But you can’t print cards out of fabricmesh, so you have to put them in a plastic case. The problem with a card case is that it is made of plastic, but it is also pretty cheap. So that’s why they make cards from fabricmesh. So I guess it is sort of a trade-off, but it’s a good trade-off.

I love the concept of fabricmesh cards, but the problem is that they are not very durable. You might want to check it first if your favorite card game includes cards made of fabricmesh, because these are not made of fabricmesh.

Yeah, the fabricmesh cards are quite good. I’ve tried them in the past with only the slightest bit of damage and they were still durable. But now I’m using a cheaper material, and the edges of the cards are very sharp. So, if I want to keep track of all the cards I’m holding in my pack, I need to make sure they are protected.



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